Why Chiropractic Care?

Your spine is like a chain that holds you up and allows for complex body movement. If any link in this chain becomes fixated (gets stuck!) the body loses flexibility and you can experience pain. Chiropractic restores motion to the spine, thus removing the CAUSE of the pain.

Chiropractic is known to:
• Improve joint mobility and relieve discomfort
• Improve nervous system function
• Speed recovery from injury
• Improve quality of life

Spine PictureChain Picture
It is important to note that pain relief is not automatic. Proper posture and spinal health take time and effort. For those that make spinal health a priority, the payout continues throughout their entire life. Spinal health is something that we have to make an effort to attain and maintain. If we hinder the vital processes of the nervous system (nerves that link between the brain, nerves, and body) ill health can result. Lack of movement in your spinal column can produce a variety of health problems. Specific Chiropractic Adjustments can address these interference’s, and alleviate pain.

“Abnormal posture causes decreased lung capacity (breathing), Inhibited Gastrointestinal function (digestion), decreased body motion (movement) and inadequate endorphin production (substances in the body that are natural pain relievers)”
-Calliet, R. 1987

Modern life puts all kinds of stresses on the Human Body. We were not designed to work all day on computers, drive in automobiles and use cellular phones. To combat postural stresses, we have to do exercises, stretches, and “adjust” the spine with Chiropractic Care when needed. Proper exercise combined with Chiropractic Adjustments will decrease stress and pain in the body. For those that maintain their spine, good health and a pain free life is the reward.


Tips for better living

1. “Tune up” your body regularly. Just like you maintain and tune up your car on a regular schedule, be sure to do the same with your body. You ask a lot of your body, make sure you get Chiropractic “Tune ups” when needed.

2. Prevent those aches and pains by doing the specific exercises recommended by your Chiropractic Physician. Proper preventive care will keep these muscles and tissues from assuming unhealthy patterns. Retrain your and strengthen your spine to help avoid a relapse.

Spine movement

“Twice Daily full range of motion called Osmosis and Imbibition, is absolutely essential for daily metabolic interchange; that is, nutrition intake and elimination of waste products in order to maintain healthy well hydrated spinal discs, ligaments and tendons.”
-Bernini 1982

3. Avoid future issues – Everyday activities can stress your spine. Talk with the doctor about ergonomics, posture and any other concerns. Follow recommendations given to keep small problems from becoming big ones. Look at your daily habits that may be causing irritation to your spine and nervous system. Some questions to ask yourself – Do you sit for too long? How do you hold the telephone? Is your chair/desk a proper height for you? Do you carry heavy items? Do your shoes have uneven wear patterns on the bottom? Are you lifting kids in and out of the car?

4. Chiropractic saves money – Study after study shows the value of Chiropractic Care. How much is feeling good worth? How much does not being able to work cost?

“In the United States work related injuries cost approximately $250 billion per year.”
-Leigh, Markowitz, Fahs & Landrigan. Costs of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses 2007

5. Feel good – Movement is life! With a little bit of work, you can enjoy the pain free life you deserve.

6. Continue and learn more – Your spine and nervous system play a vital role in maintaining optimum health. Read, ask questions, let us know if you need anything. Pain and discomfort drain your energy levels, and over time the quality of your life will diminish. With Chiropractic Care you can improve your lifestyle and increase your energy level.

Taro Leaf

Ho’ala in Hawaiian means to awaken or to rise-up (to be renewed, restored, revive). When a healing occurs in the body and mind, there is an awakening, a shift of energy, a freedom and your entire ‘ano (disposition) shifts, it is a shift of the spirit. In essence, this is what we want for all of our patients when they receive our care. Overall physical and mental well-being and good health for all! Chiropractic is a natural approach to assisting a person’s body heal. It is a drug and surgery free approach to health.

The goal of Hoala Natural Pain Relief is to bring homeostasis (balance) to your natural body’s systems. We know that the human body is designed to regulate and heal itself. If you give the body what it needs, it will function properly.

“The Nervous System controls and Coordinates all the systems of the body and relates the individual to their environment.”
-Gray’s Anatomy, 24th edition, pp.4

Good health depends, on a well-functioning nervous system (the nerves extend from the spine to all the different parts of the body). At Hoala Natural Pain Relief we use Chiropractic, nutrition, exercises and Cold Laser to help our patients get the most out of life. Proper alignment of your musculoskeletal structure allows your body to work at its optimum level. So “awaken” and “rise-up!” and be renewed, restored, and revived (Ho’ala)!